If you’re in need of design inspiration for your home, why not listen to the voice of experience? Heather Scruggs is the in-house Merchandising Manager for Trendmaker Homes, one of Texas’ premier new-home builders, and has been decorating model homes for more than 20 years.

It’s just in time for the holidays! For those who love to entertain, look for warmth and functionality in your living space, as e designs should work just as well for parties as they do for everyday family activities. Obviously, good circulation in the floor plan is important, and materials. Do you have an oversized kitchen island? If so, remove the stools during a party, allowing traffic to circulate freely. When it’s not being used for dining, the island can be utilized for serving food and/or displaying floral arrangements and party favors. Do you have a curved kitchen island or curved staircase? Maximize the effect with rectangular art pieces for contrast.

Outdoor space is prized by all so when the weather permits, be sure to provide an outdoor area that can be used as a second living room, as well as an extension of indoor space when a party gets going.  If you have a swimming pool or outdoor kitchen, you can dazzle guests with festive touches like candles and floating flowers in the pool and a miniature tree or bouquet of flowers in the outdoor kitchen. Even in smaller homes, a patio tricked out with comfortable furniture conveys the message: Bring the party outside. For a cohesive feel, repeat the interior color palette in outdoor living spaces.

What about after the holidays? The New Year is always a good time to freshen up your home’s look, or maybe you’re rebuilding or remodeling create a new feel for your space.  Consider these tips for everyday living. A mix of textures and colors makes a home feel comfortable, yet intriguing. For example, in one Trendmaker model home, we used a clean, fresh white wall color and trim accented by contrasting flooring and focal points of navy blue in fabrics and artwork. These pieces provide a shot of color and a strong counterpoint for a neutral background.

In general, to give a home a clean, contemporary feel, use lots of white mixed with grays and pops of color that are carried through in the artwork, fabrics, and accessories. I also recommend using a mix of colors, materials, and textures, such as reclaimed wood, glass, and metal. Find creative uses for repurposed items; for instance, a ceiling beam from an old barn makes a great fireplace mantel.

Your home is a reflection of your individual style and fashion is continually changing and evolving so make sure your home is keeping up with the latest trends too!

About the author: Heather Scruggs is Merchandising Manager at Trendmaker Homes.

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